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2014-2015 Balfron Results


2014-15 Season

With two games to play in the Balfron Cup and then the closing Bonspiel on 30th March 2015 - a full list of this seasons results will follow after that.


2013-14 Season

Dunmore Trophy winner was Maureen Griffiths

The Balfron Cup - was won by Gordon Jackson, Maureen Griffiths, Sandy Shearlaw and Ann Borland. The runners-up were Grant Farquharson, Bill McKenzie, SandyAnton. Park and Jennifer.

The Opening Bonspiel - was won by Mac McEwen, Sandy Park, Maureen Griffiths and Ben Somerville.

The Simpson Quaich - was won by Mac McEwen, June McEwen, Maureen Griffiths and Alice Somerville.

The Machar Cup was won by Clark Brown, Ben Somerville, Maureen Griffiths and Howard Royston.  Grant Farquharson, Bill McKenzie, Sandy Park and Jennifer Anton were runners-up.

The Neil McIllduff Pairs Trophy was won by Grant Farquharson and Charlie Senior.

Points was won by Gordon Jackson.

The Christmas Bonspiel winners were Grant Farquharson, Ben Somerville, Charlie Senior and Sandy Park.

The Closing Bonspiel winners were Howard Royston, Grant Farquharson, Derek House and Ann Borland.