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This is the online site for Balfron Curling Club. It is designed to keep its members and the general public up-to-date with matches and events happening within the club.

To see forth coming events take a look at the Upcoming Events listed on the right or view our calendar page.

You can get a brief history of the club by taking a look at the history page.

For news about our club including articles about season wins and club developments take a look at the Balfron curling News page.

Info For You.

We have two main competitions within the Balfron Curling Club in which all members take part. The first being the Balfron Cup and the second being the Machar Cup.

Balfron also take part in Forth and Endrick competitions.

Want To Join?

If you would like to come along and try curling, or if you are an experienced curler we are always looking for new members. Get in touch with us through ourĀ Contact Us for details on how to come along.

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